Maze of Elgnuv

Dungeon quest for Android Wear smartwatches

The game adheres to the user experience on Android Wear smartwatches, which is based on using your finger to slide from screens in horizontal and vertical directions. We designed the game in the tradition of old school adventure games and MUDs, but with each room a drawing. Similar to adventure games, the player can navigate from room to room, using directional flings rather than instructions.

We added elements of RPGs with multiple levels, each requiring the completion of a quest. The quest is to navigate around in a maze based on memory and clues, as the player have limited field of view and can only see their own surroundings at any time. Each level has a par for the course, so any missteps may cost the ability to complete the level.

The player is incrementally introduced to the rules and mechanics of the game. The first level is easy, providing explicit clues about how to navigate. The game gets increasingly difficult, with later levels adding obstacles and monsters.

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