If pinterest and pokemon had a baby, that would be awesome. Someone should really do that.

Inspired by a retro craze in Japan, beefed up with the sophistication of chess, and reinvented for grownups, totally immature, Ketchup goes well with everything. It's real world an alternate reality game for the lazy and awesome.

Ketchup is a game of war. A postmodern culture war. As your own personal hero, express your real world lifestyle while playing a game that brings back memories of playground fights on your gameboy. See familiar faces from all grown up and getting into trouble. Pikachu's doppleganger has grown up to fight MMA and Bulbasaur's running an underground pharmacy, Lizzie maguire's best friend is stealing cars, and the Olsen triplets are evading taxes.

Discover new characters by scanning real world products like red bull and essie nail polish to uncover newer and stronger characters using real world bar codes. The top players will get their custom characters turned into KidRobot style action figures.

Don't fall behind, Ketchup!

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